PAS should contest in all Pakatan’s seats

I just got back from a fuming chat with some friends. i gather majority of us will agree to what I have to say.

Before the process of nomination we the pakatan were very confident that we will take over Putrajaya, in the spirit of ini kalilah.

Instead after what happen on nomination day, we all felt the blow that we finally realized that the bridge is too far.

This is due to some of our friend disposition. We all thought that seats allocation has been finalized before D day and yet what had happened?

We’re fighting each other, not for one or two seats but for numerous seats. What will the rakyat say?

We don’t want to point finger yet we’re quivering with emotion that we have to say that PAS is selfish, self-centered and a total jerk!

They were asked to give more seat to DAP in Kedah and they turn DAP down and DAP comply for Pakatan’s sake, and yet PAS go on a rampage contesting in PKR and PSM territories which later justified by Hj Hadi to ‘save Pakatan’?

These show how arrogant PAS is and how desperate and greedy they are to become dominant in pakatan for God knows what purpose.

And I bet if they have adequate non Malay members they most definately would contest in DAP’s territory all in the sake to ‘save pakatan’. Until we finally realized we can dispense with PAS, lain kalilah pakatan.


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