USS GW is a Christian warship, said a pakatan’s blogger

A Pakatan’s blogger furious over American war vessel docking in port Klang hence calling on Jati, Isma (both NGOs championing Islam) and Mufti to do something.
kapal.html reportedly saying,

“USS George Washington Is A Christian War Vessel! Where is Jati? Where is the Mufti?,”

According to her, coming up with a video proof, USS George Washington was christened in 1959 and since then being actively operating against the Muslims around the world including in Iraq and Palestine.

“Since 1959, who knows how many Muslims has it massacred?,”

Over the years USS George Washigton have mutated and equipped with all the latest technology up to date.  But remain a christian, said her scornfully  referring to the ceremony of christening the ship by hitting it with a bottle of booze.

She sees the docking is a form of psywar, a shock and awe tactics aiming to intimidate the Muslims.

“This is a psychic war (that’s psywar for the educated) aiming to intimidate the Muslims,”

She sarcastically called on Jati, Isma and the Mufti to act for fear that USS George Washington might Christianize the Malaysian Muslims and eventually make them bow down to the Zionist. —Yong suka  kuning


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